Monday, 28 January 2013

Post the Second...Ode to My Camera

So...I'm slowly getting my head around blogging, I think! And thanks to Abi, I now know how to add photos, because I don't know about you, but if a blog post has no photos, I just can't warm to it. I need the visual element as well as the written word to grab my attention and keep me interested - but maybe that's just me! Plus, I love photography so a pretty picture is always a winner in my eyes :D

Anyone for Scrabble?!

Which brings me to the topic of this post, namely my 50mm lens. Maybe I should backtrack a little though, and tell you the whole story... I got my first DSLR camera last July, a Canon 1100D. Now, I had been craving a DSLR for a VERY long time. I looked longingly at other people's cameras, and oohed and aahed over the stunning photographs posted on various blogs and photo-sharing websites that originated from the lens of a DSLR. So I researched and read countless articles online and watched YouTube videos, and eventually decided to take the plunge and treat myself with the money I had earned from my summer job (working in a butcher's shop...I know, not what you'd expect and certainly not the most glamorous of jobs, but hey, work=money!). And so my Baby came into my life. I don't use that capital letter new camera really was like a baby to me :D So much so that at the end of a wonderful three-day trip to Paris only a week after I bought it, my friend that I travelled with was also calling it Baby!

Christmas baking 50mm style!

So the love affair continued, and many, many photos later, I am completely thrilled I took the plunge. I love the creative control that a DSLR offers, the beautifully vibrant or delicately soft images it can produce and even just the feel of it in my hands. (Is that weird?!) But as the saying goes, much wants more, and after a few days with my cousin's 50mm f/1.8 lens, I was seriously tempted to invest in a new lens to upgrade Baby. It was the shallow depth of field that won me over, that dreamy softness that results from having the lens wide open to suck in as much light as possible. And so, with my first pay cheque from my first 'real' (a.k.a. non-butchering) job, I treated myself to the 50mm lens before Christmas, egged on by my Mum and a very persuasive salesman! It has been SO worth it :D I absolutely adore the images this lens can produce...gorgeous portraits, detailed still lifes and amazing pictures in low light, even without editing. I still have so much practice to do, and tons to learn, but suffice to say that this lens was worth every cent of the €139 I paid for it - an investment!

Mulled how the steam is captured!

Thank you if you've managed to read this far and haven't gotten bored yet! I even included some pictures taken with my beloved 50mm to keep you interested :D


P.S. Anybody else participating in Miss Smith's class Telling Tales? I got the first prompt this evening and love it so far! Though my participation will depend on school workload...anyone want to correct some copies for me?!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Just Testing...

Hello world...

After deliberating and wondering and procrastinating about jumping onboard the blogging bandwagon, I have finally taken the plunge! Scary times!
So...a little bit about me! I'm Sinéad, I'm a twenty year old primary school teacher from County Clare in the west of Ireland. I just qualified last May and I started my first job in late November, and am loving it so far (though it is super hectic as I teach in a multi-class setting!). I love scrapbooking, photography, crochet, cooking, baking, music, teaching, crafts, reading and about seven million other things :D
I'm not sure if anyone will be interested in the random (and possibly sporadic depending on my kinda insane schedule!) posts, but for now, let's just see how this thing goes :D


P.S. This blogging lark is totally alien to me (including adding photos...Blogger doesn't seem to like my pictures, sadtimes!) any help/advice would be gratefully appreciated!
P.P.S. This blog would never have happened if it weren't for the encouragement (and gentle nagging!) of Miss Smith and Abi so thanks a million :D