Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Let's Sit for a Cup of Tea

Hello there, come on in, sit down and let's have a chat! It's so lovely to see you again, I do so enjoy our monthly catch up and cuppa. My favourite pot is full and I have baked some chocolate and vanilla marble cake which you're more than welcome to take a slice (or three!) of. Don't be shy - I'll be helping myself generously.

So how have things been with you? Can you believe that August is over and September is almost here?  It seems like only yesterday that the whole summer was stretching out ahead of us... And now I'm looking back wistfully that the lazy days of summer have elapsed! But there's something nice about autumn creeping up too. The blackberries have started to appear on the bushes, darkness is descending earlier and there is a definite chill in the air. I'm getting the urge to bake more and I even broke out the crochet hook and the chunky wool at the weekend and made a cowl/neck-warmer (the whole thing took two hours from start to finish and was so easy, my kind of project!). But enough of my ramblings, what are your thoughts on the changing seasons? Are you a bit nostalgic for the summer days, or ready for the crisp leaves and cosy fires of autumn?

Go on, have another cup of tea, and more cake? I promise I won't tell! September has always been a month of routine for me, getting back to school or university. However, since I qualified as a teacher last year, things have been a little different due to the challenging job situation here in Ireland. I was lucky enough to get a position in a little school I loved last November, but since it was a temporary contract I've spent my summer job-hunting again. Sadly, nothing has come up and it's been really disheartening and depressing. I feel like going into the streets with a sandwich board: "Somebody HIRE ME!!" Just kidding...maybe! I've sent tons of applications and got too many rejections... But I suppose I'm doing everything I can and just have to trust and pray that something will turn up. Rant over, I promise!

On a happier topic, I'm absolutely loving getting back to crafting these days! What are you creating at the moment? I tried cross stitch for the first time this week (slow progress but very pretty), I'm doing some crochet, and I've gotten massively back into scrapbooking. I got a big order in the post last week from Two Peas (seriously, it was like Christmas coming early!), and I also made a massive order of 170 photos from Photobox. I had piles of pictures, from Italy and London and meeting new and old friends and my school year and day trips and my birthday... It was so lovely when they all arrived! Do you order photos or print at home? I'd love to hear your recommendations about home printing!

Oh no, is that the time? I can't believe our tea has passed so quickly - but I'm afraid I've got to run. I'm trying to cram as much into these last few days of summer as I can, and that involves meeting up with school and uni friends, helping my sister move into her uni accommodation, taking impromptu shopping trips, crafting as much as possible, watching the Great British Bake Off, applying for more jobs, reading loads and drinking lots of tea and coffee in between! Thank you so much for coming for tea, and do promise you'll come again next month?

Today, I'm joining in with Abi's lovely meme about sharing a cup of tea over at Creating Paper Dreams. Pop over and say hi to Abi (she's the best!) and read the other tea tales from other bloggers from all over the world. 



  1. I can't believe the summer has disappeared either, though I do love September. It's my favourite month of the year. I hope something comes up for you jobwise very soon

  2. I know how disheartening job hunting can be and a lot of the time you don't even get a reply. I hope that something comes up soon. Thanks for visiting me today. I enjoyed the cuppa and catch up with you.

  3. And I feel the same although I love September and the Autumn I can't believe I have to pack away the summer!! I do hope you find a job soon, you seem to be working so hard to find one. I have an Epson printer which prints photos beautifully but if I have a lot to do I take them to ASDA they print them really well and the price is good.
    Thank you for tea, see you next month.

  4. Oh I love Autumn. So good to see you again Sinead and yes I did take that second slice of cake! I hope the job hunting improves. You are an ace teacher and you had a fab first year so fingers crossed schools will see how good you are. I always order my photos too. Our home printer would probably have a fit if it tried to print all of my pictures! xxxx

  5. Yum - cake! I'm glad we could have tea again and it's great to hear about the crafty projects you have on the go. I hope they can help to take your mind off the job hunt at times. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures :D

  6. Hi Sinead :) I'm glad i found yet another crafty yet less than 50 girl like me (thanks Abi!!). I'm right there with you with the job hunting quest, so GOOD LUCK!