Monday, 9 September 2013

The Cautious Cappuccino Drinker

My sister is not a coffee lover. Tea, on the other hand, she will drink all day long, strong with just a dash of milk, served in a big mug she can wrap her hands around. Sometimes, when we're in town, she will try coffee for a change, usually a light and milky latté, but even then, she usually regrets not getting tea!

I guess I am the coffee drinker of the family. Don't get me wrong, I could drink tea for Ireland, and when I'm at home, the kettle is rarely off the boil. But I do love my afternoon coffee for the boost it lends to a frazzled and tired mind. And when we were in Italy, I drank lots of coffee, from smooth americanos to frothy cappuccinos and powerful espressos.

On our last night on holidays, I convinced my sister she had to try a cappuccino. It would be a crime not to, in a place where the heavenly scent of whole-bean coffee lingered in the air every morning, and business people in posh suits drank espresso like it was water.
When the little chocolate dusted cup arrived topped with frothy milk, she was definitely sceptical (as you can see from the middle photo) and very cautious. The first few sips were tense... But I'm pleased to say she drank it all, and enjoyed it! Maybe I'll convert her to espressos yet!

This layout came together easily enough, using mostly supplies I got from my most recent Two Peas order (my favourites being those little star-shaped paperclips!), mixed in with a few older bits and pieces. Sometimes, I struggle with using this many photos on a single layout, as I find it difficult to fit in my journalling, title and embellishments, while still leaving a little white space. I think 3x4 cards are the answer - not only for Project Life! This is third layout I've done using these cards, and I'm happy with the effect. Also, by using small letter stickers rather than my customary favourites, Thickers, the title doesn't take up too much room.

What have you been scrapbooking recently?



  1. Beautiful page Sinead. The little pinwheels are so cute! I am so glad I got to meet you and your sister because I can now hear your voice and imagine you persuading her to drink that coffee!

  2. This is such a lovely layout! I love the detail in the embellishment (those star paperclips are definitely adorable!) and I really like how the pictures tel the story as well as your writing. And I'm in complete agreement: it's hard to find room for writing, pictures, embellishment and white space! But I think this balance is perfetc :D

    P.S. I'll email you soon, I promise :D

  3. Wow, Sinead, your scrapbooking style is fantastic. I love this page, and spent a little extra time admiring all the lovely details. Awesome!

  4. gorgeous layout! i have way too many 3x4 cards from PL but never take them out for my layouts, i'm not sure why now.

  5. That's a beautiful page! I love the colours and the way you have pulled it all together.

    I'm the coffee drinker here. I never touch tea, always coffee

  6. I love these little coffee coloured pinwheels! The colours and elements go so well with your photos. I am a tea girl myself but have taken to drinking coffee once a day for the reputed health benefits. I really enjoyed your descriptive telling of the story too.