Monday, 30 June 2014

Taking Up the (Scrapbooking) Challenge

Last week was a time of flux and change in the scrapbooking world with the announcement of the closure of Two Peas, the site which truly sparked my interest in this wonderful craft, allowed me to meet some fantastic people and educated me in scrapbooking (mainly thanks to a special glittery lady!). I honestly thought that Two Peas was a rock solid institution that would forever be my source of inspiration, but I guess the industry is changing and tough and it's got to be hard for companies to survive. Thanks for everything Two Peas!

However, I'm so glad to see that Shimelle is still scrapbooking, even in the throes of her maternity leave (what a woman!). The weekend before last, she hosted a couple of days of scrapbooking challenges and I was determined to make time to reclaim my scappy mojo and dive headlong into paper and the mountain of photos that continues to grow. Unfortunately, the time limit for submissions has passed... I started writing this post ten times today but it's only now I'm getting around to it. But I said I'd post the layouts anyway!

This was an easy one - I use quite a bit of pink on my layouts, though usually as an accent rather than the dominant colour. This lovely Dear Lizzy ombre paper was the perfect hit of pink prettiness. This is the title page for my Paris album. That black and white panoramic shot was in my to-scrap pile for WAY too long so it's great to finally get it into an album.

For this one, I didn't have a half page photo, so I replaced it with three 4x6 macro photos I took last summer when I got a change to play around with a macro lens for the first time. I also finally got around to using some lovely PL cards - I'm really enjoying using PL supplies on 12x12 layouts at the moment.

Challenge: Puzzle Pieces
Though I don't use sketches all that often, there's something nice about having the skeleton of a page there, especially when haven't scrapbooked in a while. This layout uses photos of when I met Abi last summer in London, and some of my favourite aqua hue!

Here's to a summer of scrapbooking!



  1. love love your layouts, the small groups of embellishments are gorgeous!! I've bookmarked a few a the challenges too, haven't had the time to scrap yet though.

  2. I just love all the layouts. All your layering on the first one is wonderful.Such a lovely page of you and Abi....with more great layering. You can probably tell that I love layering!!

  3. Oh my goodness, these are ALL lovely! I am a lover of aqua too, and that last page of you and Abi has a beautiful balance. Mind you. the same is true of that Paris panorama - I need some lessons in layering and clustering like you!

  4. Hi Sinead! I am just popping in to let you know that I have just received your postcard and I was so excited about it! I am getting a blog post ready for next week about all the cards I have received so far :) I am really enjoying the swap, even more than I thought I would! And I just added your blog to my reader because I love what I see!!!