Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Cup of Tea


Come on in, sit down and I'll pour us both a cup of tea...or perhaps you'd prefer coffee? Either way, you're more than welcome to a cupcake or two while we chat and catch up after so very long.

As I poured the first cup, I'd tell you that I can't believe over a month has passed without a blog post. I'd confess that the last couple of weeks have been insane, what with school work and everything piling up on me. I'd reveal my renewed admiration for those bloggers that update their home on the internet so regularly, and I'd ask if you know what their secret is. I have a sneaking suspicion it may have something to do with better time management skills than I currently possess!

As we sipped our tea, I'd tell you about my school and teaching life at the moment, and though I love it, how glad I am for a little break during the Easter holidays! I'd explain that I'm currently in the throes of planning for the next three months, and though I'm hating the tedious typing part, I'm getting really excited by the themes I have in store for my class until the summer holidays. I'd probably tell you lots about my little class, and how I'm mad about them, though they have me tearing my hair out some days! If you were interested, I might tell you a little about some of the projects we did in the last couple of months, including making giant salt-dough maps of Ireland, the UK and France (messy but great fun!) As we drained the dregs of the first cup of tea, I'd tell you how lucky I feel to be in a job I love with great kids and staff - having had some not so pleasant experiences doing substitute work in schools before Christmas, I really appreciate what I have now, even if the workload is intense! Then of course I'd ask you what your working life is like at the moment, and how you manage to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Sneaking another cupcake from the stand, we'd move onto chat about all things crafty. I'd ask you what you're working on at the moment, and how you fit in creative time with a busy schedule. I'd tell you that my scrapbooking has really taken a backseat at the moment, as have all crafty endeavours, but I'm hoping to improve on this during the Easter holidays. I'd giggle about my renewed love for Jamie Oliver and his fifteen minute meals (which ALWAYS take me more than fifteen minutes, incidentally!), which I've been making and planning since I finished school. Yum! Talk would inevitably turn back around to blogging, and I'd admit that although I have been a very bad blogger, I've been keeping up to date with the very inspiring blogs of lots of lovely ladies from around the world. I'd explain that though I may not comment as often as I should, I'd love these people to know how much they inspire and delight on a daily basis. I'd ask you what your favourite blogs are, the places you go for inspiration and stories and enlightenment? On the subject of blogging, I'd excitedly tell you that I got a new laptop yesterday...a MacBook Pro! You'd probably laugh at how ridiculously ecstatic I am, and I'd ask you if you have a Mac, or if you've any advice or experience with MacBooks?

As we made our way towards the bottom of the second cup of tea, talk might turn around to friendship. I'd tell you that I've learned the hard way how tough it can be when a friend you thought you could rely on turns out not to be so reliable after all! Then, I'd smile and explain that I'm very lucky to have a small group of close friends that I'd be lost without. I might tell you about a very special friend that has had a bit of a tough time recently. We spent today together, having loads of tea and chats, and I can honestly say that she's a star, so brave and so sweet! We'd chat about forging friendships over the internet, and I'd tell you about some happy emails that I'm exchanging with one especially lovely lady at the moment, and how it's really cool to find someone you have so much in common with!

While dusting away the crumbs of the cupcakes and slurping the very last of the pot of tea, I'd tell you how lovely it has been to share a cuppa with you. I'd laugh and tell you that my sister has already informed me that my plans for the Easter holidays already read like a 'tea crawl', i.e. an attempt to visit as many of the tea and coffee shops as possible in our local town!! I'd admit that this is definitely a challenge I am willing to undertake! As we waved our goodbyes, I'd invite you around soon again, and promise that I won't leave it so long the next time!


P.S. Today, I am joining in with 'Let's Sit and Have a Cup of Tea', a lovely idea started over at Abi's blog. Do pop over and say hello!

P.P.S. Thank you Abi for getting me back blogging again!


  1. Thank you for joining in with me! I spy a Cath Kidston mug too! I like the sound of the salt dough maps and am SO excited for you and your adventures with a mac! Man I have too many words about them! ( you wait till my next email!) How I would like to sit and have tea with you in person and I think a tea shop crawl is an excellent idea! x

  2. Hi Sinead,
    Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog the other day. It is always lovely to meet new friends and blogs. I am so happy you like the new design as I am really pleased with how it is all coming togethter. I too have left the scrapbooking mojo somewhere in the rear but am starting to get a little excited now I have got my lil room developing. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday from work and look forward to popping over here to read your blogs and crafting fun,
    Jo x