Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Catching Up Over Tea

Hello there!

Today I’m joining in with Abi’s lovely meme (a little late, but better late than never!), where she invites you to share a virtual cup of tea, perhaps some cake, and most importantly, a long overdue chat!

If I was meeting you today for a cuppa, I would invite you to come to one of my favourite coffee shops in my local town. As you walk through the door, I would greet you with a hug, and you’d comment on the quaint stove and cosy atmosphere. I’d giggle and tell you that this is the kind of place that you could comfortably spend more than a couple of hours and drink several pots of tea! Not that I’ve done that before…ahem! I’d also tell you that the name of the café ‘Cairde’, is the Irish word for ‘friends’ and is therefore highly appropriate for our rendezvous today.

As we poured our first cups of tea and tested the first forkfuls of our moist, juicy carrot cake (trust me, it’s amazing!), I’d tell you about how school has reached a new level of busy. I’d convey my exhaustion at the seemingly interminable wait for my dreaded inspector’s arrival, which could literally happen any day now. I’d probably sigh and grumble about the stress! Though I’m tired, I’d tell you how wonderfully rewarding the work is, and how I feel so lucky to be in this small school, with these children that make me laugh every day. I’d explain about the monthly themed projects we do, and share my delight at my class’s reaction and response to them. I even had a papier maché gas mask and real evacuee’s suitcase in last week for our World War II theme! I’d ask you how work is at the moment, whether you’re busy, and what motivates you?

As I poured the second cup of tea, I’d share with you my frustration at being such an erratic blogger. I’d let you in on the fact that I’m finding it impossible to get time to blog. I’d ask if you have seen Julie Kirk’s new Push-Up Bra Blogging course? I’d tell you that I’m hoping that I can put some of these tips into practice to improve this little blog! I might then ask you about your blog, and what got you into blogging in the beginning?

Talk might turn around to talk of Project Life, which has been appearing on blogs everywhere. I’d explain that though I’ve always loved the idea of PL and documenting the everyday, the paper version always seemed like just too much of a commitment. I’d talk about how the notion of digital PL has been a revolution for me, a person who was never that much of a fan of digital scrapping. I’d tell you that though I still love paper and embellishments, I’m coming around to the practicalities of going digital. I’d smile that seeing a certain someone’s beautiful layouts is probably a big part of this as well! I’d ask you about your opinions of PL, and whether you’re a fan of the digital or paper version?

With a reluctant sigh and a draining of the dregs of tea, I’d uncurl myself from the chair and tell you how good it’s been catching up! We’d part on a hug and wave, promising to do this again very soon.

Sinéad xxx


  1. Oh I am so wishing I was having tea with you! Summer couldn't come quicker! Thank you so much for joining in and a lovely long email will be on its way back to you once I have this dreaded piece of coursework all handed in! xx

  2. Nice to 'meet' you and to join you for a virtual cup of tea, my son is a teacher and I see him getting exhausted, not an easy career but rewarding. I too am getting back into blogging after reading Julie's Push Up Bra blogging course. Hope to 'meet' you again next month.