Monday, 1 July 2013

Back West

Oh my has been a while. Ok, it's been more than a while! But things have been busy, and I'll admit that the longer I went without blogging, the harder it got to sit down and write a post. However, the summer holidays are now here and school's out for a few weeks, so the time for procrastination is over at last!

I spent the last eight months teaching in a rural two teacher school on the west coast of Ireland. Now sometimes when people refer to the 'west of Ireland', they are alluding to the general area beyond the midlands remotely near the coast. So when I say I was teaching 'back west', I really mean west, in fact, that the adorable local pub was advertised with the tagline: 'Closest Bar to New York'! (As the crow flies, of course!) The little village I lived and worked in is located close to Loop Head, on the very tip of Co. Clare, the part of Ireland that juts erratically into the Atlantic Ocean. What a setting!
So while the setting of my first job was slightly isolated for a young 20-year-old teacher, I can't deny I loved living by the sea, seeing the wild crashing waves and the stunning sunsets, marvelling at the breathtaking scenery, and taking lots of photos along the way of course! Have I convinced you to visit yet?! The Loop Head peninsula was actually recently named as the best place to holiday in Ireland - I'd totally be your tour guide if you came to visit!

It's been some year - expect lots of school stories in the next few weeks!


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