Monday, 7 October 2013

At the Moment...

They say times flies when you're having fun... I think it should read, 'time flies when you're hectic-crazy-manic-exhausting busy!' The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, with the main news being that I have succeeded in getting a job, a maternity leave cover until mid March. I have just started into my third week now (whew!) and am very gradually adjusting to the massive change in pace and workload and trying to get used to a new workplace and routine. It's a positive kind of busy though, as I appreciate that I'm so lucky to have employment when so many others are out of work. Anyway, as a kind of ease-myself-back-into-blogging exercise, I thought it was high time for a 'right now' kind of post. So here goes...

Currently I am:
Reading primary school textbooks and fairytales to my class (with dramatic voices, obviously!) :D
Cooking lots of Jamie Oliver's meals from his most recent cookbook, the latest being a chicken and chorizo paella (which was divine, if I may say so myself!)
Drinking loads of tea with some coffee thrown in there too, as well as trying to sip more water
Typing school plans and PowerPoint presentations
Surfing crafty blogs, Pinterest and teaching resource sites
Watching Great British and Great Irish Bake Offs, Downton Abbey and Home and Away
Listening to OneRepublic and some radio
Celebrating my county winning the All-Ireland hurling final on September 28th - an EPIC weekend of celebrations!
Crafting a little bit of crochet every now and again (granny stripe blanket as seen above!)
Wanting to get more organised and fit in more time to scrapbook and bake
Chatting to friends on the phone a lot - the best way to de-stress is definitely to vent and rant a little :D
Worrying about getting everything I need done and gaining a work-life balance and mostly, succeeding in my new job
Wearing blazers, dark jeans, light knits and blouses - it's that in-between autumnal time when I don't know if I'm ready for winter woolies quite yet
Needing to buy some black comfy ankle boots for the winter that I can tuck my jeans into... impossible to find!
Thanking God for my friends and family who keep me sane (well, mostly!)

Hope to be back soon with a more substantial post :D


  1. Brilliant news about the job :) I'm glad to hear it

  2. Hooray! I wooped out loud when I read your email a few weeks back about your job! I'm sorry I have been so remiss in replying. It has been crazy here getting settled into a new house and lectures starting again! I love your crochet blanket. One day we will have to sit and watch Downton together and you shall have to teach me how to crochet! xx

  3. Congratulations on the job! It does take some time to adjust so be gentle with yourself. I love the thought of you wrapped up and relaxing in that beautiful blanket. LOVE the colors.

  4. Many congratulations! You sound buzzing with activity and energy! How amazing you have even got time to crochet :).