Thursday, 31 October 2013

Tea, Pumpkins and Crafting

So I've had a little bit of a (spontaneous and unintentional) blog break. My time has been swallowed up by my new job, lots of baking, a little scrapbooking, some TV watching, pumpkin carving, face-painting and socialising with friends... not necessarily in that order! Things have been busy, but I'm now in the middle of the glorious week off school for half-term (mid-term, as we call it here in Ireland) and I thought it was high time I invited you for tea and a catch up on the goings on in my very exciting life! It's also a chance to join in with Abi's monthly tea party... Better late than never :D So come on in, grab a slice of spiced apple cake with rum buttercream and a mug, and get yourself comfy by the roaring fire...

How is everything with you? My new job is going well, I'm slowly getting used to the insanity and chaos of a classroom with four classes and children ranging in age from four to eight! It's noisy and exhausting, and a bit mad at times, but I'm really enjoying the challenge. In the past five weeks, I've carved pumpkins, read 'Room on the Broom' several times, painted autumn trees and hedgehogs, woven spiderwebs, recited rhymes, sung songs, led a maths trail, pretended to be a banana (!), painted lots of little faces, mopped up a few tears, laughed out loud and stressed a lot! What have you been up to at work recently?

The new job has, however, been sucking up all my time, so crafting has suffered a little bit. The half-term has helped me redress that balance! I've almost finished that crochet blanket I showed you last time  we chatted, and thanks to a lovely day with a friend yesterday, I finished a double page layout that has been on my desk for far too long. I also carved another pumpkin and got the DSLR out for the first time in ages. Good times! Have you been crafting recently?
Something that hasn't suffered in the last few weeks is my obsession with the Great British Bake Off! I'm SO sad that it's over now, but am consoling myself with the masterclasses with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood this week, and doing lots of baking myself :D Thankfully, the Great Irish Bake Off will be on for another couple of weeks to fill the GBBO shaped hole in my TV schedule!
My goodness, time flies when we get together for tea! Thank you for joining me today :) And thanks Abi for the inspiration, as always. Until next month...


P.S. Happy Halloween!


  1. It's good to hear that the job is going well. Yep, we're carving pumpkins and watching BakeOff Masterclass here too. We even found found an Angel Food Cake tin here cheap in a bargain bib, but it's been put away as part of somebody's Christmas present..

  2. Glad that though things are hectic, you are finding your feet and enjoying it - intrigued about the banana! Your pumpkin carving is super ... I am admiring your energy in the mid term break to be so creative on so many fronts!

  3. I'm so glad you are enjoying your job. I can't wait to hear more when we Skype! That cake looks delicious too!

  4. Oh, that cake sounds sensational!

    We have had GBBO down here too - but it is from 2011, I think ... anyway, I have thoroughly enjoyed the show and apparently we are getting more recent series soon.

    What a range of ages you have in class - I bet they keep you on your toes?!

  5. So pleased that your job is going well....and that you obviously enjoy it so much.
    The cake looks wonderful.